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 Thank you so much for your informative and supportive website and online classes, Pamela. You are such a great source for everything a Reiki practitioner needs!  

- Kathy Falconio -

Reiki Professional Academy

Reiki Professional Academy is for Reiki practitioners who are serious about their work and want to offer the public a credible approach to Reiki practice. Reiki Professional Academy is your online homebase for improving your professional skills through continuing education.  

As a Reiki professional, you are paid for your Reiki services — sessions and/or classes. And as a Reiki professional, you are one of the public faces of Reiki practice.  

Of course you want to be the best Reiki professional you can be, so you can grow your practice and help more people.  

After all, isn’t wanting to help people why you became a Reiki professional?

Choose ANY or ALL trainings at 40%off, with immediate, unlimited access!

Choose among these Reiki Professional Academy recorded trainings:

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How to Structure a Reiki Session for Success was $79 now $47.40 with promo code: Gratitude40

Learn how to structure a Reiki session to improve client satisfaction and encourage return visits. Regardless your practice style or lineage, this format will support you and your clients and improve your results. You can use this framework as is, or adapt to fit your needs. 

How to Become a Respected Community Resource was $79 now $47.40 with promo code: Gratitude40

Tired of running after prospects, wishing and hoping new clients would find their way to your treatment table and classes?  

Become a respected community resource for Reiki and the people you can help will come to you.  

How to Hold Professional Boundaries was $79 now $47.40 with promo code: Gratitude40 

As Reiki professionals, our work provides both health care and spiritual support, two areas with particular emphasis on ethics. Learn to hold boundaries that respect you, your client, and our practice with grace and compassion.  

Your Reiki Professional Fees was $79 now $47.40 with promo code: Gratitude40  

This training guides you to discover the fees that are right for you, so you can discuss fees confidently with prospective clients. It also helps you recognize and heal the unresolved emotions that create your discomfort, so you can find your confidence. When you are clear and comfortable with your Reiki professional fees, your clients will be too!  

Introduction to Medical Reiki was $95.00 now $57 with promo code: Gratitude40

Reiki practice makes it easier for people to take better care of themselves and their families, and supports any needed medical care without interfering. Learn to communicate Reiki's benefits so doctors, nurses and hospital administrators see how Reiki can help patients, families and staff feel better and function better. 


7 Steps to Successful Public Reiki Events was $129 now $77 with promo code: Gratitude!

Nothing raises your community's awareness of Reiki practice - and you! - as quickly as bringing Reiki to people through public events.  

This training takes you through every detail to help you have a successful event the first time and every time.

Your Reiki Website was $129.00 now $77.40 with promo code: Gratitude40

If you are a professional, you need a website that showcases Reiki as an effective, safe resource, and you as a credible, trusted practitioner.

This training will help organize your first website or tweak your existing site so it performs better.


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About Pamela Miles

I can help you become the best Reiki professional you can be. The good news is there is no end to how “best” you can be! 

And there is no competition. Clearly only you can be the best Reiki professional you can be.  

I’ve been a Reiki professional for 32 years with an international practice based in New York City.  

I began working in conventional health care as a lay Reiki master in the mid-1990s and have taught Reiki to NY Presbyterian/Columbia hospital staff and at Yale and Einstein medical schools, presented Reiki to the National Institutes of Health and Harvard Medical School, collaborated on medical research, and published peer-reviewed medical papers.  

In Reiki Professional Academy, I share what I’ve learned during three decades of professional practice so you can reach more people faster and build public awareness of Reiki practice.

Reviews from Reiki Professionals

Clear, simple, well structured, helpful information. You are such a source of inspiration to me. Your presentations help me expand my vision of what it means to practice Reiki; it broadens my perspective. I deeply value that it comes from a lifetime of ongoing practice and experience. Thank you, Pamela, for sharing it with us.

- Nino Forner

I’ve only listened to half the recording and I’ve already reaped benefits.

- Denise Gilbert

Thank you for the great Reiki communication webinars I always come away feeling more capable!

 - Deb Osfeld

The clarity of Pamela’s teaching has been a touchstone for me as a Reiki practitioner working with patients and hospital staff.

  - Barbara Hennesy